One in three homes having smart meter problems

Research carried out by uSwitch has found close to a third (31%) of smart meter owners have encountered issues with their devices since it was installed.

The research, published on 29 August, outlined problems including meters “going dumb” after switching (32%) to smart displays not working (39%). Of those with SMETS2 meters, a third (33%) of households had encountered issues following their installation. The research also found 20% of households had been offered SMETS1 meters since March. This finding comes despite Ofgem stating suppliers should now only be stating SMETS2 meters.

A majority of smart meter owners (53%) also reported still being in the dark about their benefits. They said they did not believe their supplier had fully explained the benefits of the meter before its installation. Despite the issues, 29% of homes felt owning a smart meter had helped them to reduce energy bills while two thirds (67%) said the device has made them more aware of the energy they use.

Rik Smith, Energy expert at, said: “While it’s great to see smart meters improving energy habits and helping consumers to save on their bills, there are still far too many issues with the rollout which are damaging consumer confidence in the whole scheme. There is a real opportunity to build more confidence in smart meters now, if households are given the right information to make the most of their new device, and if and they’re only offered a second generation meter which shouldn’t go dumb if someone switches supplier.”