OVO Energy leading one of UK’s largest zero carbon heating trials

One of the UK’s largest zero carbon heating trials, which could mark a key step in decarbonising heat and tackling the climate crisis, has been granted government funding.

On 29 June, OVO Energy announced that, together with partners Kaluza, Sunamp, Retrofit Works and Parity Projects, it has been granted £4.2mn to install up to £15,000 worth of innovative technologies in 250 customers’ homes. Customers will also benefit from free energy efficiency upgrades worth up to £5,000. The trial is aiming to help cut emissions from residential heating while also demonstrating innovations that overcome barriers to heat pump deployment, including running costs, across a range of housing types.

With over 90% of UK homes relying on burning natural gas for heating – collectively representing the UK’s largest single source of carbon emissions at 25% – the trial will look to create a fully zero carbon heating solution in customer homes, using technologies such as Mitsubishi’s Ecodan air source heat pump and Sunamp’s thermal batteries. If successful, it could be rolled out on a much larger scale to more homes across the country.

Conor Maher-McWilliams, Head of Flexibility at Kaluza, said: “Smart electric heat has game-changing potential for decarbonisation. Not only will this trial help to quantify the rewards for customers, but for the energy system as a whole. Uncovering how distributed devices like these could work together to support the grid will be crucial in scaling renewable heat solutions that can strengthen system resilience. Kaluza is one of the UK’s smart heat pioneers and is proud to be joining industry leaders in this landmark trial.”

OVO Energy