Partnership looks at critical climate actions for councils

Ashden and Friends of the Earth have joined forces to build a list of top climate actions for councils to take in a bid to avoid 1.5°C of warming in the next 10 years.

On 5 November, the partnership published 31 actions for councils to consider implementing, stating that while the timescale was tight to achieve dramatic carbon reduction, it was possible. It cited procurement as a particularly important area, noting that a local authority cannot be fully carbon neutral if procuring from carbon intensive supply chains. This would deliver some of the biggest carbon savings, Ashden said, with a council with over 100,000 residents able to save 12,000 tonnes of carbon each year if ensuring suppliers do all in their power to minimise emissions.

The other actions listed included: setting up a Carbon Offset Fund; enforcing minimum energy efficiency standards in the private rental sector; putting in place electric vehicle (EV) charging to drive a rapid shift to EVs; requiring the integration of renewable energy in local authority owned buildings; and investing in the development of renewable power and energy storage.