Plan looks to Orkney to lead drive for cleaner, green future

Orkney Harbours has unveiled a £230mn infrastructure vision which, it says, would place Orkney “at the forefront” of the drive towards a cleaner, greener future.

On 27 August, it published the Orkney Harbours Masterplan, embracing decarbonisation and the transition away from fossil fuels. The infrastructure proposals it includes have been designed to enable Orkney to manage the transition, while still continuing to generate the social and economic benefits from ongoing oil and gas activity. They focus on harbour infrastructure enhancements over a 20-year period, generating jobs, additional revenue and attracting new business.

The geographical advantage of the Scapa Flow – the largest natural deep-water harbour in the northern hemisphere – was highlighted as being central to the project. It could potentially play host to internationally significant marine logistics to serve new and emerging sectors, including the low carbon fuel transition and offshore wind developments. The Scapa Deep Water Quay has been identified as the optimal location for construction and Operations and Maintenance activities associated with offshore wind, as well as a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage and distribution hub.

It was further noted that this infrastructure will have the capability to accommodate semi-submersible platforms of all types. This will ensure Orkney has a unique competitive advantage in the UK within the existing oil and gas market. This, according to the project team, could be delivered by 2025.

Orkney Harbours