Power Ledger and KEPCO complete successful P2P trial in Japan

Power Ledger has completed a successful trial of peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading in Japan, in partnership with KEPCO.

On 12 August, it said that the five-month blockchain-enabled demonstration in Osaka had proven P2P surplus power transactions could be completed autonomously and automatically, including settlements with cryptocurrency, irrespective of fluctuations of PV generation and customer demands. It has also shown Power Ledger’s technology can be deployed in both condominiums and microgrids, as well as detached houses.

KEPCO Representative General Manager Fumiaki Ishida said: “Although there are still many challenges, like amendments of relevant laws for commercialization, Power Ledger’s product presents significant opportunities for prosumers to sell their excessive energy at more advantageous prices and for consumers to buy it at more affordable prices.”

Power Ledger