Project to optimise local authority assets goes live

The Thames Valley Live Lab smart energy project, which is seeking to help local authorities implement the required moves to reach net zero emissions, has gone live.

On 26 August, it was confirmed that energy assets owned by Reading Borough Council and Wokingham Borough Council are set to become the first to connect to the Smart Energy Operations Platform (SEOP) in the next two months. Led by Smarter Grid Solutions, with O2 and Siemens also involved, the project will use its platform – which went live this month – to monitor and manage solar panels, electric vehicle (EV) charging points and other flexible electrical equipment located at the local authorities’ facilities.

The platform will schedule when the assets should be operated to save money, reduce CO2 emissions and manage local authority owned distributed energy resources across the sites. This could include setting EV charge rates, as well as being able to remotely schedule building energy usage and EV charging point operation. Data will be fed into other areas of the project, which include health and transport.

Graham Ault, Executive Director and co-founder of SGS, said that the project brought together the “three Ds of energy systems” in decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. It allows carbon free electricity to be generated on-site by solar panels that are controlled and used for emission-free transport, using digital technology. Ault added: “It is now possible to scale low carbon technology deployments up to really significant levels and capture all the energy and flexibility benefits for a local authority area.”