Proportion of consumers switching remains steady in Ofgem survey

Ofgem has published the results of its latest survey for monitoring domestic consumers’ perceptions about the quality of service in the energy market.

Published on 29 May, the survey, which covers Q1 2020, found that fewer customers had contacted their supplier with regards to changing their tariff, while the proportion of customers switching their supplier remained steady from Q4 2019 (58%) to Q1 2020 (57%). A majority (73%) were found to be satisfied with their supplier, consistent with previous quarters, with those who had ever switched supplier (75%) found to be more satisfied than those who had never switched (69%). It was noted that customers dissatisfied with their supplier – 9% in the latest survey – also tended to be dissatisfied with the different dimensions of customer service.

Elsewhere, 61% of customers believe they are on their supplier’s cheapest tariff, while the survey found little change in the awareness of the default tariff price cap since Q3 2019. The number of those that said they had heard of, and understood, the price cap was the same as Q4 2019 (22%) but below the peak in Q2 2019.

When it came to switching supplier, price comparison websites (PCWs) were the most commonly considered channel (70%) to compare tariffs. Having a better tariff than a customer’s old supplier (54%) was the main reason for switching, while service (16%), reputation (17%), incentives (13%) and green tariffs (16%) were all secondary considerations.