Rapid battery storage scale-up can avoid energy wastage

Based on current wind power capacity, an additional 20GWh of battery storage could reduce the amount of wind energy wasted by up to 50%, according to research.

On 12 January, LCP published analysis, outlining how a rapid scale-up of battery storage capacity in Britain can be key to avoiding large volumes of renewable energy wastage. It forecast that by 2025, wind curtailments between Scotland and England will cost consumers £1bn per year, adding that this figure will likely grow as the government aims to boost deployment of offshore wind from 30GW to 40GW by 2030.

LCP found that Britain curtailed wind power on 75% of days in 2020, with over 3.6TWh of wind power being turned off. This was primarily down to network constraints. This volume of wasted wind power, it noted, is enough to have powered over one million homes for an entire year. It stressed that as the UK continues to increase its share of renewable energy, a ramping up of investment in flexible technologies, such as storage, will be needed to ensure excess clean energy is stored and can then be used when required.