REA calls for doubling of bioenergy use by 2032

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has said that a doubling of bioenergy use by 2032 can safeguard UK energy security, remove 80mn tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and grow the UK jobs market.

On 5 September, the REA published the third phase of its bioenergy strategy in which it looked at how to deliver the UK’s bioenergy potential, listing key actions for realising its role in getting to net zero. It claimed that if bioenergy was providing 16% of the UK’s energy supply by 2032, then it would be able to bridge the nuclear gap and address the predicted shortfall in emissions reductions needed to hit the 5th Carbon Budget, while putting the country on track to hit net zero.

It made a series of recommendations, including the introduction of a replacement for the Renewable Heat Incentive – which is currently funded until 2021- explaining that it would be key in securing a market for renewable heat technologies and ensuring continued growth in markets for biomass boilers, anaerobic digestion and biofuels. It also called for the 10% ethanol blend for petrol in the transport sector to be introduced; a progressive increase in carbon prices across the energy economy, reaching over £120 by 2032; and supporting the development of bioenergy with Carbon Capture Use and Storage. This would include a Contract for Difference for bioelectricity with CCUS.