Reactive Technologies and National Grid join forces to measure inertia

Reactive Technologies has come to a six-year agreement with National Grid ESO to measure system inertia for the first time.

The agreement, announced on 5 August, will enable the system operator to fulfil its 2025 zero carbon goals with it implementing Reactive’s GridMetrix inertia measurement and analytics services across the UK. This will deliver a real-time view of the operability of power grid stability into its control room.

Reactive explained that with renewables unable to provide system inertia in the same way large-scale traditional generation does, changes to system stability are inevitable in the transition to a cleaner energy system. Its technology is able to identify where inertia management measures are needed, leading to greater quantities of renewables being able to be brought onto the grid.

Over the first year of the agreement, the construction and delivery of hardware and software will take place. The second phase, lasting five years, will see the providing of inertia measurement services.

Reactive Technologies