Regional testbed to assess energy-saving streetlight system

IM Properties has joined forces with Enzen to create a regional testbed for a new energy-saving streetlight system at Blythe Valley Park in Solihull.

Unveiled on 13 August, the system is designed to reduce the use of electricity by up to 62.5%. It will use sensors to control the streetlights and dim them when roads are not in use. IM Properties added that should the £90,000 technology prove successful, it could both be rolled out across its own portfolio and provide Enzen with a living lab to showcase the solution to other public and private sector organisations, helping them to achieve their sustainability goals.

The system incorporates wireless communication and in-built app within the 62 smart LED streetlights, helping to identify maintenance and repairs required to maintain optimum performance. It also has the potential to add a renewable energy source at a later date, such as solar panels or smart battery power, to drive further energy efficiencies.

IM Properties