Report calls for focus on energy demand over supply

The Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions (CREDS) has recommended shifting the main focus of energy policy from supply to demand.

On 5 July, it released a report proposing actions to both strengthen and ensure the delivery of the commitments mapped out in the government’s Clean Growth Strategy. It singled out energy demand as capable of supporting the key goals of energy policy – security, affordability and sustainability. It added that a greater focus on demand could also bring further benefits such as more synergies and fewer trade-offs than supply-side solutions. 

The report gave 40 recommendations in total, including a scaling-up of policies shown to have worked, the development of long-term plans for demand-side innovation and for effective institutions for the delivery of demand-side solutions to be built.

Commenting on the report, CREDS Director, Nick Eyre, said: “Demand-side change has to be a major part of the strategy for an affordable, secure, net-zero carbon energy system. Delivering it will not be easy, as it is a broad and complex agenda. But delivering the UK’s transition without doing this would be much more difficult.”