Report maps out benefits of digital heating controls

The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) has found that smarter heating controls have the benefit of wasting less energy.

On 8 August, it released its insight paper, Industry Insight – The Delight of Better Control, in which it detailed the findings from hundreds of households in its Living Lab being given the opportunity to control the temperature in each room of their home through their smart phone. With it found to beneficial for all consumers, it suggested energy retailers in future may find it easier to attract and keep customers by offering better control over their heating.

Furthermore, almost everyone chose to heat fewer rooms with the smarter control with 85% of people found to be heating less than half their home. Almost half of this figure (41%) had less than 30% of the rooms in their home heated at any time.

Other benefits of digital heating controls were found to be that they can provide data to improve people’s experiences of heat at home and that it can offer a pathway to selling low carbon heating. It explained that that with smarter controls incorporated as part of heat as a service, people value the experience more than the delivery. As long as users got the comfort they wanted for a reasonable price, they were open to replacing their gas boiler with lower carbon alternatives.