Report says EVs set to go mainstream in Europe

A new report has tipped the 2020s to prove a key period for the electric vehicle (EV) market in Europe, with EVs set to go mainstream.

Transport & Environment (T&E) released a report, Electric surge – Carmakers’ electric car plans across Europe 2019-2025, in which it found that the number of EV models produced across the EU will grow from around 60 at the end of 2018 to 333 by 2025, with the mandatory EU CO2 target of 95g/km set to be a major driving force for EV development, once come into effect from 2020-21.The report further found EV production in Europe will grow six fold between 2019 and 2025, growing to 4mn while the supply of EU-manufactured batteries will be sufficient after 2023.

T&E called for the European Commission to propose an EU-wide phase-out of internal combustion engine light vehicles by 2035, at the latest. It explained that this would send a long-term price signal to the industry and ensure that huge investments in EV production are not in vain. Furthermore, it said member states must continue to reform vehicle taxation in a way that will both accelerate the transition and cut CO2 emissions.

Among its other recommendations were that the EU put a comprehensive Green Industrial Agenda in place and that charging infrastructure needs to be effectively deployment at all levels in line with growing EV uptake.