Report sets out Cambridge’s sustainable record and future

Cambridge can become one of the UK’s most environmentally sustainable cities in future, according to law firm Irwin Mitchell.

On 22 July, the firm published its quarterly UK Powerhouse report, Sustainable Cities, which forecast economic growth to remain strong in Cambridge with it appearing in the top three league tables for Q1 2019 and Q1 2021. Elsewhere, it was found to be top of the table for environmentally friendly commuting as 21% of Cambridge’s population was found to be using zero emission transport.

Cambridge had cut carbon dioxide per capita year on year by 4.7%, while it was ranked 15th for renewable electricity installations with just 3% of households found to have them.

Vicky Brackett, CEO of Irwin Mitchell’s Business Legal Services division, said: “Cambridge performs well in some indicators of environmental sustainability but poorly in others. If it can continue to improve its share of low and zero emission transport, carbon emissions can decrease even further making it possible for Cambridge to become one of the most sustainable cities in the UK.”

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