Report supports “bottom-up” approach to retrofit

Carbon Coop has concluded that a “bottom up” approach to the retrofit can build on assets already existing at a neighbourhood scale and succeed in developing sustainable business models where a “top down” approach has failed.

On Saturday 22 June, it published its report, People Powered Retrofit: A Community-led Model for Owner Occupier Retrofit, outlining the findings from the six-month research and development phase of the Carbon Coop and URBED’s People Powered Retrofit Project.

The report called for community energy groups to find ways to collaboratively support the development of retrofit capacity and expertise; for historic forms of local authority lending to be repurposed to ensure wider social value is secured from new local retrofit markets; and for local authorities to take an integrated, neighbourhood scale local economic development approach, making use of existing networks and partnerships, to create a local retrofit market.

With the research and development phase concluded, the People Powered Retrofit service is now set to be piloted in two Greater Manchester neighbourhoods over the next two years. Retrofit works are to begin in the autumn.

Carbon Co-op