Rotterdam start-up launches online battery sharing platform

Skoon Energy has launched what it says is the world’s first online platform for battery sharing.

At a launch event earlier this month, it unveiled Skoon Cloud, software capable of connecting supply and demand for mobile batteries, as well as markets and applications, with the overall aim of simplifying battery sharing for both suppliers and end users. According to Skoon, its new platform adds to the ease of use, availability and profitable business case of mobile energy, with the online marketplace delivering a “tangible and measurable” contribution to the energy transition.

The Skoon Cloud was unveiled alongside updates on Skoon Energy’s mobile battery containers – the 20-foot Skoonbox, with a capacity of close to 600kWh, is in the final stages of its development while it showed a fully operational Skoontrailer, a smaller version of the box, which is able to provide energy to smaller events and applications. Both will be available for bookings through the Skoon Cloud.

Skoon Energy