Scotland driving ahead to net zero by 2045 after legislation passes

Scotland is set to become a net zero society by 2045 and will also embrace a 2030 target of a 75% reduction in emissions, after MSPs passed new legislation.

The Scottish government’s Climate Change Bill, passed on 25 September, now means that Scotland has the “most stringent framework of statutory targets of any country in the world”. The targets were in line with advice from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) and the Scottish government has confirmed it will now commission fresh advice from the CCC on a UK-wide pathway to 2030.

Accountability for meeting targets will be strengthened going forwards, with ministers required to report on progress on tackling climate change in every sector, each year, while a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change will be created. This will be tasked with making recommendations on how Scotland’s net zero transition should be achieved.

Climate Change Secretary, Roseanna Cunningham, said: “Our end target is firmly based on what we are told is the limit of what can currently be achieved.  It is the maximum possible ambition based upon the best available science and requires the UK to take action to meet their targets if Scotland is to meet ours. In the interim, while there is some uncertainty over the precise route that can be taken, we believe it is right to be as ambitious as possible to drive the action required to make the changes we need.”

Scottish government