Scottish firm selected as partner for EU project

Logan Energy has been selected as the hydrogen technology partner for the €3.6mn (£3.24mn) EU-funded SEAFUEL project.

The SEAFUEL project will aim to demonstrate the sustainable integration of renewable fuels into transportation. Logan Energy will design and build a hydrogen generation and refuelling station for the project. This will involve solar energy being used to convert seawater into hydrogen with it then being used as fuel for local transport on the island of Tenerife.

The station is being constructed at Logan Energy’s Technology Centre in East Lothian, before being deployed in Tenerife by the end of 2019.

Bill Ireland, Logan Energy CEO, said: “It’s important to remember that this project is hugely significant not just for remote communities in Europe but around the world. The islands and their inhabitants rely on imported fossil fuels but can in fact become partially or wholly self-sufficient in terms of energy.”

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