Severn Trent looking to flexible future

The water company Severn Trent is continuing to seek views on its procurement strategy, while hunting for new ideas on how best to harness flexible technologies.

In May, the utility launched a soft market test, which will run until 31 August. It is looking to use flexibility to drive down cost and has sought ideas in areas such as: opportunities to use hydrogen and biomethane, including vehicles and power generation; alternatives to traditional diesel standby power resilience; and energy flexibility and control solutions. Other areas of interest are innovation use of waste heat; low-head in-pipe hydro generation; and solutions for storage and balancing of surplus on-site generation.

As part of this process, Severn Trent has been looking to understand how its procurement and contract strategy could better enable smaller firms to provide services.

Upon the completion of the feedback exercise, and once commercially available flexible energy solutions have been assessed, Severn Trent is to go to market via a tender.

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