Sharma pledges ambitious UK NDC ahead of COP26

Business and Energy Secretary, Alok Sharma, has assured the UK will submit an ambitious NDC, complementing its net zero commitment, “well ahead” of COP26.

On 3 August, Sharma said current commitments made under the Paris Agreement fall “far short” of what is required and as hosts of COP26, the UK wants to ramp up ambition to achieve a climate resilient, zero carbon economy. Ahead of the 2021 summit, he stressed that all nations must commit to reaching net zero as soon as possible and submit more ambitious Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to drive further cuts in carbon emissions by 2030.

In his keynote address at the Let’s Build Back Better event, hosted by the British High Commission in Wellington, Sharma outlined the key areas the UK’s COP presidency will focus on: clean energy, clean transport, nature-based solutions, adaptation and resilience, and, “underpinning everything”, finance.

He then turned attentions to businesses, stating they have a very important role to play alongside governments. Sharma called on “all businesses” to join the Race to Zero Coalition, launched in June, which is the “largest ever alliance” of businesses and non-state actors committed to reaching net zero by 2050 at the latest.