Siemens joins forces with local governments to deliver clean energy projects

Siemens has announced a major partnership with almost 100 political leaders across the UK, collaborating with BEIS in a bid to unlock over £100bn of clean energy schemes.

On 30 September, Siemens announced it had signed a partnership agreement with UK100. The deal will look to bring together financing from local authorities, private capital and government investment to create clean energy projects at significant commercial scale. The partnership will build on the development of the five Local Energy Hubs that are being established by BEIS in the North West; Yorkshire, Humber and the North East; the Greater South East; the Midlands; and the South West.

UK100 and Siemens had carried out a survey of local authorities and a study of local energy transition strategies, identifying a pipeline of projects in the process. However, only a small proportion were deemed to be at the point of commercialisation. It also found that both investors and local councils wanted more support from central government and greater support when it came to developing a business case for clean energy projects.

Carl Ennis, Managing Director of Siemens Smart Infrastructure, said: “Local government is in a strong position to help the UK shift to 100% clean energy. We will work with Local Energy Hubs to develop clean energy action plans which will make credible business cases to attract investors and make sure that these plans have support from local communities.”