Simplicity crucial to unlocking power of flexibility: Open Networks Project

Simplicity must be at the centre of Britain’s flexibility service markets for the country to be able to unlock the power of new smart energy technologies, according to the Energy Networks Association (ENA)’s Open Networks Project.

The project made the statement on 2 July, when launching a new consultation on flexibility services to examine how energy network operators across the country can help homes, businesses and communities realise the benefits of a smarter, more flexible energy system. It will also focus on end-to-end processes when procuring flexibility services. It will close on 23rd August 2019.

David Smith, Chief Executive of the ENA, said: “Today’s consultation makes a fundamental point about the way in which we need to build a smarter, more flexible energy system – simpler is better. Ease of access to flexibility markets for the widest possible range of people has to be right at the top of the agenda.”