SMS enters Virtual power Plant market after acquiring Solo Energy

Smart Metering Systems (SMS) is to enter the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) sector following its acquisition of energy tech start-up, Solo Energy.

On 27 March, it explained Solo Energy’s disruptive business model aims to lower energy bills and help make the transition to renewables through establishing a VPP. Its FlexiGrid aggregation platform centrally controls the distributed energy assets it installs to balance renewable generation, leading to efficient, local smart energy systems.

SMS noted that with Solo Energy’s VPP business model dependent on the wider rollout of smart meters, this is an area it compliments well due to its significant expertise.

Solo Energy’s largest trial of its FlexiGrid platform is currently underway as part of the ReFLEX Orkney scheme. ReFLEX Orkney is aiming to integrated electricity, transport and heat networks on the islands using Solo Energy’s FlexiGrid platform and VPP model. This will lead to better balancing of renewable energy demand and supply with the concept replicable in other regions.

Mark Hamilton, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Solo Energy, said: “Energy demand needs to become more flexible to respond to the intermittency of renewables, and behind-the-meter technologies such as batteries, smart EV charging and flexible electrical heating will all play a major role in the energy transition. Solo’s FlexiGrid platform controls these assets to be responsive to renewables, but for these technologies to become mass market and available to everyone, we believe the consumer shouldn’t be asked to put their hand in their pocket to cover the up-front cost.”