Sonnen to share grid balancing revenues with household battery owners

Sonnen is to offer household battery owners the opportunity to gain revenue from grid operators who use its household systems to balance the network.

Customers with a Sonnenbatterie 10 and a capacity starting at 11kWh will be able to receive a profit share of €119 (£101.49) per year, guaranteed for 10 years. Sonnen pre-qualified its virtual power plant to be able to offer grid balancing services in Germany. The virtual plant has been created by aggregating Sonnen customers’ residential systems.

The 4.6kW Sonnenbatterie 10 is set to become the company’s new standard product in Europe and has been developed to meet increased power consumptions standards driven by wider adoption of electric cars and heat pumps. The battery has a storage capacity of between 5.5-27.5kWh for residential storage. For commercial applications, it can offer 247.5kWh of storage capacity.

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