SSE Enterprise launches demand side response platform

SSE Enterprise has announced the launch of a demand side response platform which will enable businesses to benefit from helping to balance the grid.

On 21 August, it unveiled SSE Enhance, a smart grid, aggregation and trading platform, which will allow users to be paid for helping to balance supply and demand across their local network and the electricity network. Customers will be handed access to the wholesale market, balancing mechanism and ancillary services.

Companies, public sector organisations and other customers will be able to receive payments and make savings for reducing their electricity demand during peak periods, or reducing their own peaks through optimising and automating local demand against generation and storage. This will help customers to manage local constraints, increase security of supply and optimise asset performance. Customers could also use the platform to sell excess electricity from their own assets, such as solar panels or batteries, to the grid.

Parameters can be set on the platform, such as the times of day customers are prepared to vary their use of electricity on site. SSE’s optimisation software will then either optimise or trade those assets in response to market events during those periods. Users will also receive access to a round-the-clock support and monitoring desk.

SSE Enterprise