SSE working towards smarter grids of tomorrow

SSE Enterprise Telecoms has announced a partnership with energy monitoring firm, Synaptec, enabling real-time analysis of UK energy networks.

The agreement with Synaptec, announced on 6 August, will allow SSE Enterprise Telecoms to deliver greater visibility and control of what it called “increasingly complex” distributed networks both more affordably and conveniently. Advantages include improved wide-area protection, control and asset management functions across networks and driving work to deliver smarter grids in future.

Colin Sempill, Chief Executive at SSE Enterprise Telecoms, said: “Supporting this shift to smarter energy requires suppliers to rethink how networks are managed in real-time, and to keep them safer, more efficient and reduce waste.”

The partnership was followed by news that Scottish and Southern Electric Networks (SSEN) is seeking flexibility providers in the Western Isles and Skye to serve already identified areas that will benefit from most from flexibility services during maintenance work or fault conditions. Working alongside Piclo, SSEN said that it is not looking for a specific solution and is keen to see services ranging from embedded generation, energy storage, demand-side management and demand-side response.

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