SSEN and UKPN look to support EV transition

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and UK Power Networks (UKPN) have joined forces under a partnership aiming to support a cost-effective transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

On 22 October, SSEN said that under Skyline, it will work with UKPN, alongside the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC), ElectraLink and CrowdCharge to enable them to accurately pinpoint when and where new electricity demand to charge EVs is coming from. They will work with third parties to share early visibility of new EV registrations and new charge point connections to help electricity networks to plan for the anticipated increase in electric transport. The project will bring car dealerships, electricity network operators and charge point operators together for the first time.

SSEN cited its own research, which has shown the number of EVs on UK roads by 2050 could grow by 11,000%, while also drawing on UKPN’s data analysts, who forecast the 99,000 EVs in the areas that UKPN serves – London, the South and East of England – will reach 3.6mn by 2030.

The Skyline project will develop a digital platform connected to a data-driven Application Planning Interface (API), allowing for multiple data sources to feed in crucial data for early visibility of EV uptake. This will lead to an automatically updated database. It is a Network Innovation Alliance funded project, worth over £810,000, that will run until June 2022.