SSEN lead industry-wide effort to standardise connection contracts

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) has led industry-wide efforts to standardise the connection contracts offered by Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

On 6 April, SSEN explained that this will work will improve the experience of engaging with the energy system for flexibility providers, support best practice across Great Britain and unlock liquidity in local energy markets. In conjunction with the Energy Network Association’s Open Networks project, SSEN worked with UK Power Networks, Western Power Distribution, Northern Power Grid, Electricity North West and Scottish Power Energy Networks to standardise the contract for those seeking to provide flexibility to the system, making the experience of engaging easier.

SSEN noted that the transition to a smarter energy system creates new opportunities for homes and businesses to generate energy or provide flexibility. The country’s electricity networks have sought to make it easier for communities to get involved and in areas where standardisation and cooperation are possible, there is scope for increased engagement.

The drafting process saw the country’s DNOs brought together with National Grid ESO and independent Distribution Network Operator GTC. Stakeholder engagement sessions played a key role in shaping what support and consistency would be helpful for flexibility providers and how the common contract could be as clear and concise as possible.

Andrew Roper, SSEN’s ED2 Director, said: “This is a welcome step forward and will give increased confidence to flexibility providers, and those interested in providing flexibility, to play an active role in the UK’s energy system. The cost-effective transition to net zero will require utilising flexibility in the energy system. Contract standardisation will make it easier for networks and customers to work together in achieving that common goal.”