Statkraft and storage specialist Statera enter strategic partnership

Independent power producer Statera has entered into a 15-year strategic partnership with Statkraft to provide energy storage services for the latter’s virtual power plant (VPP). Announced on Tuesday 18 June, the agreement will also see Statera develop 1GW of high-efficiency gas reciprocating engines and energy storage plant, capable of discharging power at times of peak demand or under-production. 

As those assets are developed and brought on-stream, they will be integrated into Statkraft’s virtual power plant and accompanying trading platform, The Norwegian utility will provide market optimisation, trading and risk management services to the assets. 

Statera will initially integrate its 49.99MW Creyke Beck battery storage facility, which remains amongst the largest utility-scale battery storage projects in the UK.

In March Statkraft announced plans to expand its VPP to some 2GW by the end of the summer. It also has some 3.8GW of renewable output already under contract.