Switch-on begins of West Yorkshire’s largest EV charging network

The first of what will be a total of 88 electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints has been installed in West Yorkshire, as part of a £3mn scheme to improve the county’s air quality.

On 5 August, Engie announced that the first chargepoint had been installed in Vicar Lane, Bradford with new locations – set to be free to use until the end of October 2021 – to be added each week. The network is expected to be completed later this year. Each chargepoint will consist of two bays, one for taxis and private hire vehicles, with the other for all other users.

The scheme is a collaboration with West Yorkshire Combined Authority and its partner local authorities. Engie has been appointed to install, own and operate the charging points.

According to Cllr Manisha Kaushik, Deputy Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee, 500 diesel taxis and private hire cars are forecast to convert to hybrid and pure EVs due to the rolling out of the chargepoints. He added: “Plus, the increased availability of rapid chargepoint locations will help counter ‘range anxiety’, which is currently discouraging people from switching to electric vehicles.”