Trade associations join forces to boost green recovery

The Solar Trade Association, Renewable UK and techUK are linking up in a bid to promote the transition to a net zero economy.

Announced on 10 September, the trade associations have joined forces in a new partnership, driving a business-led push for a green recovery. It will see techUK encouraging its member companies to consider setting up long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) to stimulate UK-based renewable energy generation. It will allow for energy buyers to be brought together with renewable energy providers, stimulating a market in PPAs which can underpin the decarbonisation of the UK power sector.

In parallel, the STA and Renewable UK will encourage their members to work more closely with the UK technology sector to integrate smart systems into the growth of the renewable and energy storage industries, to support the development of flexible, responsive digital energy systems.

It will also be in a bid to integrate smart energy and heat systems alongside renewable assets in residential buildings, and to assess the potential of emerging technology – such as AI and machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and digital twins (a dynamic virtual representation of a physical object or system) – in the renewables sector.

Renewable UK