Transport to grid could drive energy transformations

Players in the energy and transportation marketplaces are being urged to explore new business models and maximise opportunities in the transport to grid (T2G) platform, which could be worth $200bn in annual revenue by 2028.

On 29 July, Navigant Research released a white paper – primarily US-focussed – which looked at four key business models that will help to support T2G’s electrification of transport and integration with the electricity grid. They included infrastructure developer: charging points provided with different levels of infrastructure management; and charging service provider: recharging sold to electric vehicle (EV) owners, revenue maximised by fixed or flexible tariffs. It also cited load orchestrator: leveraging EVs as batteries on wheels to balance load or provide ancillary services; and mobility provider: mobility provided as a service to the customer, as other models.

The paper further suggested T2G could pave the way for disruption to long-held industry approaches, as customers having increased access to distributed renewables and energy storages threatens the utility business model. This presents an opportunity for utilities to proactively and positively redefine the nature of customer engagement. It also suggested governments can provide communities with greater transportation and fuelling options for the T2G platform.

As next steps, the paper suggested market players ask key questions such as what synergistic go-to-market partnerships can be found and how their existing strengths can be used to best position themselves to serve the marketplace’s changing needs as T2G becomes more mainstream.