Two new UK waste-to-energy facilities reach full commercial operations

Wheelabrator Technologies has announced that two new waste-to-energy facilities have reached full commercial operations in the UK.

On 21 January, it said that following three years of construction, the Wheelabrator Parc Adfer in Deeside, North Wales, and the Ferrybridge Multifuel 2 (FM2) in West Yorkshire, commenced operations in late December 2019. The two facilities have created around 1,500 jobs and £85,000 in contributions to local community causes and initiatives. They will process a combined 875,000 tonnes of residual waste per year and use waste as a fuel to generate a total output of 98MW.

The two sites follow Wheelabrator’s Ferrybridge Multifuel 1, processing 675,000 tonnes per year and generating 78MW of power, and will be joined by Wheelabrator Kemsley in Q2 2020 – expected to process 555,000 tonnes of waste and generating 69MW of energy. Once all four are operational, it will mean 2.1mn tonnes of residual household and commercial waste is being processed along with 1.1mn net MWh of renewable, baseload energy being generated each year.

CEO and President at Wheelabrator, Bob Boucher, said: “There remains a significant capacity gap in this market, and we continue to explore opportunities to develop new waste-to-energy facilities to ensure local, sustainable waste management solutions, and provide energy security for the UK.”

Wheelabrator Technologies