UK aid helps to cut over 30mn tonnes of global emissions

UK intervention has led to the reduction of 31mn tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions globally over the last nine years, according to climate finance data.

On 19 August, the government published statistics on UK International Climate Finance (ICF) investments, which aim to reduce poverty by helping developing countries to build resilience and manage the risks of climate change. Since 2011, it found UK aid investment has provided 33mn people with improved access to clean energy, including connections to off-grid renewable energy sources, while also leading to the installation of 2,000MW of clean energy capacity – equivalent to 454 average-sized UK offshore wind turbines.

Elsewhere, UK aid has helped 66mn people to cope with the impacts of climate change – such actions include providing training on growing climate-resilient crops – and leveraged £2.2bn of private finance to tackle climate change.