UK among those leading the way in Europe for demand side flexibility

Great Britain has been ranked among the highest performing countries in SmartEN and Delta-EE’s EU Market Monitor for Demand Side Flexibility for 2019.

The report, which also found France and Ireland as the better performing countries, looked at 21 markets in Europe, assessing demand side flexibility (DSF) in each. The monitor examined each market based on the availability and accessibility of DSF to value streams; monetisation of DSF in value streams; the range of asset types used for DSF; the range of customer segments engaged with DSF; and the competitive landscape for DSF.

The UK was found to score highly on each with it among those having the most open and accessible value streams for DSF and there being evidence of DSF from a majority of asset types. These included back-up generators, batteries, industrial processes, both electric vehicles (EVs) and EV chargers, as well as district heating. There was also evidence of DSF activity across all customer segments and a competitive landscape for demand side flexibility in the UK.

The report outlined how the GB market had both a high number and a broad mix of stakeholders active in demand side flexibility, with the landscape dominated mostly by aggregators and energy suppliers. However, it noted that energy services companies, developers, battery companies and an array of technology firms were engaged as well. Furthermore, a large number of new entrants were noted as gaining market traction with partnerships common across the value chain.

Looking ahead, the report listed a set of five guiding principles to improve integration of demand side flexibility across Europe. These were ensuring all electricity markets are open for all decentralised energy resources; making sure there are effective price signals both at wholesale and retail level; providing fair market access for active customers and aggregators; relevant data access is available for all service providers; and use of all decentralised energy resources by system operators.