UK electric car registrations surge

August saw a rapid increase in UK electric car registrations, according to new figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers, though the trade body has warned barriers still need to be addressed.

Published on 5 September, the SMMT revealed that zero emission vehicle registrations had grown fivefold, taking a record market share of 3.4%. Hybrids also saw growth, while the UK’s new car market saw a fall of 1.6% in registrations for August. In total, zero emission cars saw a percentage increase of 377.5%, while 4,014 hybrid electric cars have also joined UK roads – marking an increase of 36.2%.

The SMMT noted that while there were a variety of alternatively fuelled models for UK new car buyers, demand was still lagging behind ambitious government targets. It warned that more had to be done to address consumer concerns regarding cost and infrastructure if electric and zero emission vehicles are to become more accessible.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said: “While this is encouraging, these figures also show the scale of the challenge ahead. It’s a long road to zero and while manufacturers can deliver the technology, they can’t dictate the pace of uptake. To support a smooth transition and deliver environmental gains now, we need a long-term government commitment to measures that give consumers confidence to invest in the latest technologies that best suit their needs.”