UK sees first of its kind demand response trial in Greenwich

KiWi Power is looking to incentivise 100 households to use electricity more efficiently in its 12-month Greenwich Energy Hero demand response trial.

The first of its kind trial, launched on 13 August, sees an energy advisor install a free device onto resident’s electricity meters. The device is connected to an app that then alerts residents at times of high demand and low supply locally, asking them to cut electricity usage for one to three hours. Residents will only receive the alerts once or twice a month, on average, and can device whether or not they would like to participate.

If participating, residents will be able to earn points which can be converted into vouchers, estimated of having a value of up to £35 a year. Residents can also combine rewards collectively to make a donation to charity.

Nikita Vajani, Product Manager at KiWi Power, said the firm believed domestic electricity consumers should have access to the same opportunities and benefits its commercial and industrial clients had been seeing from demand side response. Vajani added: “This market segment has great potential but to achieve success at scale requires a good understanding of consumption patterns and behaviours as well as identifying the best channels and messages for sustained engagement.”

Royal Borough of Greenwich