UKPN links up with local authorities to “unlock EV charging for all”

UK Power Networks (UKPN) is working with five local authorities in an effort to end electric vehicle (EV) charging blackspots.

On 12 January, UKPN announced that it had partnered with local councils in Cambridge, Norwich and London as part of the Charge Collective pilot project. Through sharing data and expertise, the councils will help UKPN to identify charge point blackspots. These will likely be in towns, with denser populations and less off-street parking. The network operator will then hold a competition to incentivise investors to bid at the lowest cost to deliver the priority charge points.

The councils involved are Cambridge City and Cambridgeshire County Councils, Norwich City Council, Norfolk County Council and the London Borough of Redbridge. UKPN believes that by taking a coordinated approach in this way, it will become more financially viable for charge point operators to create a wider network of public chargers.

The scheme will also develop a framework to measure the wider environmental and social benefits that come from better air quality and reduced emissions as more people drive EVs. UKPN is expecting 3.6mn EVs to have connected to its system by 2030.