UKPN looks to cut carbon with green transformers

UK Power Networks (UKPN) has announced the launch of a long-term programme to swap electrical transformers for more energy efficient models.

UKPN will introduce “state-of-the-art amorphous steel core transformers” at substations, stepping down voltage to safely deliver power from the national grid to local properties. The programme forms part of UKPN’s £500mn investment into the electricity network each year, helping towards the UK’s net zero ambition.

It has already installed over 50 high-efficiency transformers as part of a collaborative trial, with it now planning to replace around 15,000 transformers. This will lead to savings of more than 8,500MWh per year and a carbon saving of nearly 2,200 tonnes annually.

Paul Dyer, Senior Assets Engineer for UKPN, said: “These amorphous steel transformers bring significant environmental benefits and their wider roll-out will be an important decarbonisation measure. This investment also helps reduce the energy that is usually lost while electricity is transported by 80%, and will play a key role in helping us cut carbon and deliver our Green Action Plan to improve local environments.”