UKPN unveils green technology portal

UK Power Networks (UKPN) has launched a digital portal for green technology that will allow installers to connect clean technologies quicker and easier to homes and businesses.

On 23 March, UKPN unveiled Smart Connect, handing technology companies an instant decision as to whether or not they can connect domestic electric vehicle (EV) charge points, heat pumps, battery storage or solar PV to the local electricity network. It has been launched following a close collaboration with Octopus Electric Vehicles and comes as a result of listening to customer feedback that the old process for domestic vehicle-to-grid projects was both too confusing and time consuming.

The platform streamlines the process, making life easier for specialist installers of low carbon technologies, while helping domestic customers to ensure their electricity supply is ready to connect them. It will automatically refer customers if their electricity supply has to be upgraded to manage additional power. Installers, meanwhile, will be able to see the current status of multiple applications “at the click of a button”.

UKPN referred to its forecast of there being up to 700,000 electric heat pumps and 4.5mn EVs connected to its network across London, the East and South East by 2030. This means new products are necessary for seamless customer service as volumes increase.