UK’s first fully automated energy optimisation and trading system launched

Zenobe Energy, Open Energi, and Erova Energy have announced the launch of the UK’s first fully automated energy optimisation and trading system.

On 17 September, Zenobe outlined how the collaboration will seek to further enhance the optimisation and trading of its 10MW grid-scale battery at its Hill Farm energy storage site. The first-of-its-kind project will use the Dynamic Demand 2.0 Trader solution – developed by Open Energi and Erova Energy – to maximise availability and revenue of the energy storage asset. The Trader solution will also provide Zenobe’s battery with access to Balancing Mechanism revenues for the first time – as well as wholesale and ancillary service and capacity markets – ensuring full exposure to the widest range of flexible markets.

Zenobe set out how increased Balancing Mechanism activity during lockdown underlined the importance of this market. However, in a rapidly evolving flexibility marketplace, the ability to participate in different markets and undertake different strategies as opportunities emerge is “essential” to generating the maximum benefit from storage assets.

Zenobe Energy