UPS enters into new EV fleet charging project

UPS has joined forces with Moixa Technology, UK Power Networks (UKPN), Innovate UK and Cross River Partnership in a bid to optimise EV fleet charging.

Announced on 2 April, the EV Fleet-Centred Local Energy Systems (EFLES) project will launch on 1 May 2020 and will look to optimise UPS’ electric vehicle (EV) fleets and manage them with AI software, showing the carbon, cost and grid benefits of going electric to large fleet operators.

UPS electric delivery vehicles, operating out of its Camden depot, will be managed using Moixa’s GridShare AI software. The software will allow EV charging to take place at times of least demand on the grid leading to energy bill reductions. Upon completion of the initial project, UPS, UKPN and Moixa will continue their partnership and work to develop a framework for other firms and operators to rollout AI-led local energy system software.

With data on energy prices, power demand and weather collected throughout the project, the firms believe they can optimise charging for when electricity is cheapest and greenest and also make use of existing onsite energy storage and solar power at the depot.

Claire Thompson-Sage, Sustainable Development Coordinator at UPS, said: “This project will build on our EV infrastructure technology to help develop a holistic local energy system. We are proud to spearhead such an exciting smart-grid project and look forward to taking it to the next level by making it even smarter.”

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