Urgent action required on energy efficiency policy, warn MPs

MPs have warned that a failure to revive failing energy efficiency policy and ensure builders are compelled to deliver the latest energy efficiency standards will ensure the UK has no chance of meeting its emissions reduction targets.

On Friday 12 July, the BEIS Committee released a report in which it labelled energy efficiency as a national infrastructure priority. It called for government to designate it as such. The report mapped out how, although energy efficiency is the cheapest way of cutting carbon emissions, public investment has fallen and the rate of installations has reversed with insulation measures under government schemes are 95% lower than in 2012. The report urged the substantial investment gap to be filled and greater central funding for energy efficiency to be allocated.

Other recommendations included more robust building regulations and for the government to set out “urgently” how it plans to hit its goal of all homes reaching the Energy Performance Certificate Band C by 2035, stating it was currently an “empty commitment”. 

BEIS Committee