Vattenfall to offer low-carbon heating for East London homes

Vattenfall has announced that it has partnered with Cory Riverside Energy to offer low-carbon heating for East London homes.

On 1 May, it said that 10,500 new homes in south east London could be heated through a new centralised network, instead of conventional gas or electric heating in each property. Vattenfall has secured the right to capture heat from Cory Riverside Energy’s energy from waste facility at Belvedere. From this, it will develop a heat network that could supply local households. Vattenfall said the project raises the possibility of tens of thousands of properties being provided with low-carbon heat through a wider area network, cutting carbon emissions by 80-90% when compared to using conventional gas boilers in each household.

Vattenfall Heat UK is to work with Cory Riverside Energy on an application for funding from the government’s Heat Networks Investment Project. Vattenfall will design the heat network and, should the project move to the construction phase, then lead construction of the neat network infrastructure, operate the network, and both supply and look after residential and commercial customers.

Its design would introduce a new fourth generation, low temperature district heating network that would improve performance and reduce lost electricity revenues of the energy from waste facility and be flexibly developed to enable future developments to connect to high-temperature legacy systems. This would mean the network can be extended to link to existing properties, further reducing carbon emissions.

Adriana Rodriguez Cobas, Regional Director, South, for Vattenfall Heat UK, said: “This opportunity extends beyond the first phase of housing earmarked for development in Bexley. Vattenfall’s expertise means we can design the system so that future homes and business properties can also be linked up to the same heat network, without needing to go through the disruption and lengthy process of designing a bespoke network for a separate construction project. This is exactly the kind of long-term vision that Vattenfall has for district heating in the UK, and shows the potential of what can be achieved when multiple partners work together towards shared goals.”

Vattenfall UK