Voltalia secures planning permission for innovative solar farm

Voltalia has gained planning permission for a 40MW solar farm with battery storage in Dorset which, it says, will also provide a net gain in biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

On 29 January, Solar Power Portal reported that the French renewables company’s South Farm site would consist of ground-mounted solar arrays and battery storage units. It will have a minimum lifespan of 35 years and will be decommissioned after that, unless further planning consent is granted.

The site will also include a permissive footpath, connecting two local public rights of way, with Voltalia explaining it wants to help support the local community. Other pledges from Voltalia include managing hedgerows and field margins, as well as continuing to allow livestock to feed on the lands around the panels along with underneath them, once constructed.

Simon Holt of Voltalia UK, said: “We have demonstrated that large-scale projects can be sensitively sited within the countryside and need-not have unacceptable environmental impacts. The South Farm project will not rely on customer subsidies to deliver clean electricity which makes an important step in the next generation of clean energy projects of this type.”

Solar Power Portal