Wales would see green jobs revolution under Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru has pledged a green jobs revolution in its election manifesto, as it aims to make Wales a carbon and single-use plastic free nation by 2030.

Stating that while Wales has the natural resources to place itself as a world leader in renewable technology, if it is to get serious about climate change, investment in the green economy and building the workforce must start now. Plaid Cymru’s green jobs revolution would create tens of thousands of high skilled jobs over the next ten years while kick-starting a multi-billion investment programme in renewable energy, transport infrastructure and digital technology, ensuring Wales becomes 100% self-sufficient in renewable energy by 2030.

Plaid Cymru would demand the UK government allocates an additional 1% of GDP to Wales over the next 10 years, enabling it to invest an extra £15bn as it seeks to become a “trailblazer in the fight to tackle the climate emergency”. It would also press the Treasury to allow the Welsh government to borrow up to £5bn in capital investment.

This investment capacity would see the establishment of a National Reconstruction Fund. Under Plaid Cymru’s plans, this would lead to an electrification of all major rail lines by 2030 as well as a number of green infrastructure projects, including tidal lagoons for Swansea Bay, Cardiff and Colwyn Bay and an offshore windfarm at Ynys Môn. The party also signalled its commitment to local energy, pledging a network of local energy grids along with amending planning legislation to ensure community-owned energy schemes can be fast tracked. Elsewhere, it proposed a £5bn Greener Homes programme to improve the energy efficiency of housing in Wales and committed to building 20,000 green social homes.

Plaid Cymru