West Norfolk Council to vote on becoming energy supplier

West Norfolk Council is to vote on whether to sell locally produced electricity in a bid to improve local services as well as funding greenhouse gas reduction measures.

On 25 November, the Eastern Daily Press (EDP) reported that the proposal will be voted on at a full council meeting on 28 November. The motion was put forward by Labour councillor, Jo Rust, who has been exploring other means to ensure the council becomes greener after it voted to delay a decision on declaring a climate emergency in October. If voted for, the council would commence planning to supply local people and businesses through supporting the Local Electricity Bill.

Rust said: “I feel strongly about climate change and I am very disappointed that the council has refused to accept previous motions to declare a climate emergency, so I’m hoping they will accept this motion.”

The same day, the council will also vote on a proposal to see a tree per person planted in west Norfolk over a period of four years. The proposal comes after it was found carbon emissions per head in the area where more than two tonnes higher than the Norfolk and UK average (eight tonnes). It was put forward by West Norfolk Independent group councillor, Sandra Squire, who said it would probably be “easier to pass” than the climate emergency.

EDP (Jo Rust)   EDP (Sandra Squire)