World’s largest V2G project launches in London

The world’s largest vehicle-to-grid (V2G) project has been launched in north London.

Bus2Grid, launched on 13 August, will test V2G systems with an initial 28 electric double decker buses at Northumberland Park. The consortium behind the government funded project, which is led by SSE Enterprise, believe that they will be capable of returning over 1MW to the grid. It will run three years with 100 new zero emission electric buses run from the garage, which has been transformed with chargers for the trial.

The project, which is in partnership with the Mayor of London, Transport for London (TfL) and Go-Ahead London, will look to work through the challenges of enabling buses to provide balancing services and reduce constraints. Current News noted that with London having a bus fleet of around 9,000 vehicles which could be converted, there is the potential for them to supply enough energy to support over 150,000 households.

Head of Innovation at UK Power Networks, Ian Cameron, said that UKPN believed buses will have a “big part to play” in rolling out low emission vehicles.

Cameron explained: “A fleet of bus batteries harnesses large amounts of electricity and they are habitual, with regular and predictable routes, driving patterns and timings. That means we can easily predict and plan for how we can use any spare electrical capacity they can offer. For example, we could use them as energy storage devices that could add capacity and help us to increase the volume of renewable energy exported onto the network when supply might otherwise be exceeding demand.”

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