WPD buys 95MW of flexibility, targets more

Western Power Distribution (WPD has announced that it has awarded flexibility contracts totalling 94.8MW, having completed its fourth procurement of flexibility services.

It outlined that 85 bids were received from flexibility providers across all 42 of the Constraint Management Zones (CMZs) it had included in this round. It brings the total released requirements across 47 CMZs to date to 391MW, with the latest procurement round seeing the total volume of flexibility contracted reach 217MW. WPD Network Strategy Manager, Ben Godfrey, said that it had been clear WPD’s approach to securing flexibility services is effective and also a “reassuring indication” that the market for distribution flexibility is growing.

Godfrey added: “The scale of requirements we sought to procure against this year and the volume of providers we now have in contract are the largest of any DNO to date, putting us at the forefront of distribution flexibility globally. But we recognise there’s more work for us to do, we’re dedicated to continue developing our flexibility offering so that it attracts more participation, across more locations.”

Further flexibility locations are set to be announced on 29 June 2020 with another procurement window opening on 3 August.